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Before importing it is essential to know procedures, regulations and relative laws. Clear advice can prevent massive problems down the line. CinaItalia also follows the customs clearance and home forwarding phases.

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CinaItalia; the service that protects your purchases in China. An Italian-Chinese team, through a convenient dashboard accessible 24/7, will assist you with messages and updates up to the delivery of your goods. Go to the demo


An Italian-Chinese Team takes care of your business in Shenzhen

Before importing a product, it is essential to verify its feasibility and risks. For this reason, our territorial team can protect your business by preventing scams and ensuring the fluidity of your business

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The Negotiation

Choose any product from over 110 million items, give us the link and we'll take care of the rest. You can follow the procedures of negotiations on prices, payment of goods, shipping costs, on request you will be provided with photos or videos of the outgoing products.

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We help you choose the most suitable shipping method for your goods and your warehouse logistic times, choosing the most suitable forwarders and comparing all the offers by Air, Rail and Sea up to delivery to your destination

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Customs Clearance

We assist you in customs clearance procedures both for documents and for sorting packages and through the personal interface, you can download the facsimile forms and adapt them to your needs. We also offer telephone support, including Skype and Whatsapp

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You can follow every phase of the operation from an automated reserved area where notifications of changes in the status of the import will start until actual delivery to your warehouse. We will select the courier that best suits your needs.

Example of post-production video verification

Live video during the material's verification at the manufacturer by one of our operators

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Type Description
Image guide Service guide with page screenshots.
Vocal Guide
Animated guide Service guide with on-screen explanations.
Customs Declaration Declaration of the contents of packages, upon request DHL or UPS, or in all non-express sea or air transport, to be sent by fax or email to the forwarder upon request if DHL or UPS; or upon arrival of goods at customs if using other means of transport.
Calculation of import duties Link to the European Community website for inspection of any import duties or restrictions. The Taric code must be indicated in the declaration, alternatively, the goods are described and the courier forwards.
Calculation of transport costs Air transport costs shall be calculated on the basis of the taxable weight (1 cubic metre = 167 Kg), where the highest of these parameters is applied. For example: a package of 0.5 cubic metres and a weight of 80 kg is taxed at 84 kg (167:2). The companies apply different rates depending on the type of transport, express (3 days) or traditional (5-6 days). The approximate all-inclusive calculation is about 8-11 USD/Kg for UPS and about 4,5-5,5 USD/Kg for normal airways.
These costs may be subject to seasonal fluctuations. We can reasonably calculate an incidence ranging from 14 to 16% of the value of the goods for air transport costs.
Sea transport costs are calculated on the basis of cubic metres/ton. The cost of one cubic metre is about 290 USD for the freight alone, excluding port handling and customs procedures costs. Transport takes 19 days plus an additional 10 days for the various operations and forwarding to the final destination. Maritime transport accounts for 10-20% of the value of the goods.